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Rust and Rot resides in an old donkey shed next to the river Avon, in the shadow of an ancient abbey in Malmesbury Wiltshire. Outside our workshop we have planted an orchard and created a wild flower garden with a bird feeding station and insect houses. This is where we drink bad coffee and watch the world go by, whilst putting off dirty jobs. 

Surrounded by nature and history its no surprise that Rust and Rot has a passion for preserving the forgotten and the unloved. We buy wonderful things, that we look to sympathetically restore. Our aim, to remove years of grime, repair damage and to make items usable and desirable again. We feel the items offered should be attractive, useful or interesting and if possible, should be all of the above.

Ok its a poor pun but we're quite keen on being a minimal impact company, after all our business model is basically recycling.

In addition to saving old things and giving them a new life we have also minimised our carbon footprint in the following ways.

The 'Old Donkey Shed' is powered by renewable electricity from Green Energy UK and fitted with low wattage LED lighting throughout. It is heated by burning scrap wood or trees felled from the wood next door, or by working hard until it feels warmer!

Our packing boxes are used moving boxes and we collect used packing materials locally that would otherwise go to landfill to reuse as void fillers. We're not perfect, but we're having a go.